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Six Simple Ways to Prevent Junk Mail - December 6, 2014

More than 100 million trees are used to manufacture the junk mail delivered in the United States every year. To prevent its coming to you, take these steps:

  1.  Do not enter contests or sweepstakes.
  2. When a merchant asks for information not necessary to the sale, decline to give it.
  3. When you make a gift to any organization from which you don't want to receive appeals in the future, ask them to put you on their "do-not-solicit" donor list.
  4. Whenever you make a purchase, subscribe to a periodical, or purchase a service online, deselect any check marks that might already have been entered next to words like "I want to receive offers, discounts, and coupons."
  5. If you buy anything from a catalog by telephone, tell the seller right away not to share your address or send you any promotional material.
  6. If you buy something by mail, write "do not share my name or send me promotional material" on the check and the order form. 
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