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Four Quick, Easy Ways to Get the Most When You Shop Online

To save more, take all four steps with each purchase.

Online holiday shopping is here to stay.  Are you doing everything you can to get the most value for the time and money you invest in it?  Try these four steps:

1.  Always get the lowest price.

Use a price-comparison site like PriceGrabber or GoogleShopping to be sure you're getting the item for the lowest available price.  Easier still, download the tool for instant price comparisons while you shop.

2.  Register to Get Automatic Rebates

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

  Click on the above button to register with Ebates, a site that gives you automatic rebates from many retailers. (Ebates gives you part of the affiliate fee they get from the retailer).  I've used Ebates for years, and I can vouch that it's effortless and legitimate. You can get your rebates by using Ebates as  your portal, but, if, when you register, you install an Ebates button on your browser, you don't need to visit Ebates again to get your rebates.  

  • Visit any Web site to shop online.
  • If a rebate is available, the Ebates button on your browser will alert you.  Sometimes you have to click the button to get the rebate.  
  • When you purchase, your rebate is automatically credited.  You will receive occasional checks in the mail, or, at your option, deposits to your Paypal account.  

If you prefer, you may login to the Ebates site, which offers coupons and promotions, and shop from there.  Once you register, it's effortless.   Ebates has positive customer reviews and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.  Full disclosure:  if you register through this button or this Ebates link, you and I will each receive a $5 bonus if you spend $25 within a year on eligible items.  You can choose a $10 gift card instead

My experience with Ebates has been so good that I am happy to invite you to divert part of your purchase price to something else you value. Why not save and invest your rebates?  Or donate them to charity? 

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

3.  Search for coupons

Now, use or has an add-on that will alert you as you visit each site if coupons are available.  To be sure you don't miss any coupons, useGoogle to search for "coupon codes" with the retailer's name.  Apply the codes before you check out.

4.  Get free shipping

Finally, visit to get coupon codes for free shipping (and other discounts) from more than 4,000 retailers.  

Bonus tip for last-minute holiday shoppers:  This year's Free Shipping Day (free shipping, no minimum order, guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve) is Thursday, December 18.  926 participating merchants so far.

For extra credit, see my hand-picked list of favorite moneysaving books.

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